Visual design, Wireframing, Information architecture

Clearway Minnesota partnered with Alere Wellbeing to offer Quitplan. It is a free tobacco cessation program available to any Minnesotan who wants to quit tobacco. I worked on the end to end flow of the sign-up and call process. I also worked on the visuals and made sure they adhered to Quitplan's overall brand since this service was referred to and linked from their homepage. 


Participants were able to register for one of two programs: Helpline or Individual Services. Helpline is a complete program that offers phone coaching along with medication, a quit guide, and text and email support. Individual Services offers the participant four tobacco services that they can choose any combination of to help in their quit.

Since there were two paths and many questions, I reduced the amount of time it took to register by grouping questions so the participant would only need to answer what was relevant for the service they selected.