Microsoft Dynamics AX

Interaction design, User experience, Visual design

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an Enterprise Resource Planning application for large organizations. The new version was a process of updating from a Win32 application to a modern web based service. There were plenty of challenges with building the visuals and interaction into this scalable web UI.


Visual System

I worked on many visual aspects across the product including typography, iconography and theming. I created a consistent approach to how color was used in the application and what types of controls received a given value of the theme.


With the transition to web, we moved away from traditional icon assets to a symbol font. With well over 3,000+ assets in the desktop app there was some confusion on what they all meant. I was able to design new concepts and manage the transition with cutting the amount of icons in the product by 90%.


Fig 1.1

AX forms are largely white with most of the definition coming from content. When it came to defining the visuals for personalization, I worked with another designer to define a set of contrast colors for selection and designed the controls to better pop off the page.

Fig 1.2

I owned the interaction and visuals of the grid control. Although very close to other list style controls we had some unique states like active and marked that were interesting to visualize.

Fig 1.3

Not all of the 6,000+ forms in AX follow a specific view/edit paradigm. I worked through many examples to better depict the difference of fields so they were obvious no matter the form you were on.


Embedded Power BI

Alongside the Dynamics BI and Reporting team I designed the first experience of embedded Power BI in the product. I kept the interaction and flow true to AX while keeping the concepts from Power BI consistent for users. 


Human Capital Management and Dynamics 365

After shipping the suite product for AX our team transitioned toward breaking up the apps into smaller offerings that were easier for companies to consume. HR tools were at the forefront, and I led the beginning ideation phase before transitioning out of this team. This included bringing together different stakeholders across sites, leading brainstorming activities, and sketching/wireframing flows for further discussion.